Flu Shots Have Arrived, Available For Kids And Parents!- Open on Saturday (9/19/20) for Flu Shots

We have just acquired our supply of Flu Shots for the upcoming flu season–recommended for ALL children above 6 months of age! All of our flu shots again this year are preservative-free!
This year we will be giving Flu Shots to parents as well! We will be open for a flu shot clinic Saturday, June 19th in the morning. If you would like to schedule please contact our office.
The flu virus is common and unpredictable, and it can cause serious complications and death, even in healthy children. The influenza immunization each year is the best way to protect children. If you choose not to vaccinate your child, you not only miss the opportunity to protect your own child but also can put others at risk. Although influenza can be treated with antiviral medications, these drugs are less effective if not started early, can be expensive, and may have bothersome side effects.
Please protect your precious little ones by calling to set up an appointment while our supplies are in!

**Hometown Pediatrics Now Offers COVID-19 Testing**

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a rapid, point-of-care, COVID-19 testing system. We are currently offering this test to our patients and their parents when indicated. We may also extend testing to first responders, teachers, and daycare workers. This test will be safely performed via scheduled drive-through testing beneath our porte-cochère. Results return in as quickly as 15 minutes. Please speak with our front desk for additional information.
In order to continue to provide optimal care for our patients while minimizing risk to patients, families, and staff, Hometown Pediatrics has temporarily implemented the following changes:
 If your child has experienced any illness or fever within 48 hours prior to your well-visit, please call us & report this event before coming in.
We will now be doing all sick visits in the afternoon in office or via telemedicine to limit exposure.
In order to keep our patients as safe as possible, our waiting rooms are temporarily closed. When you arrive at our clinic for your scheduled appointment, remain in your vehicle & call the main office number (281-292-8980) for further instructions. You will be prompted to meet your physician’s nurse to enter our facility through one of the side hallways & will proceed directly to the exam room.
Also, in order to further limit potential exposure to both families & Hometown staff, if at all possible, please have only one parent accompany your child to his or her appointment & try to keep other children safe at home.
Every exam room is being thoroughly sanitized after every patient.
All medical staff are wearing masks at all times. Due to a state mandate, all parents and patients over the age of two must wear a mask in order to been seen. Please bring a mask for yourself and your child and please keep masks on all times, even when the physician is not in the room.
Again, for safety reasons, we strongly recommend no eating or drinking in the exam rooms at any time.


If you scheduled a telemedicine appointment with our office and opted to have a video call, please use the following individual doctor’s URL. Please go to this link at the time of the video appointment and make sure your camera/video and audio is enabled. In addition, please make sure your child is readily available if the appointment involves the doctor needing to do a visual exam. You are welcome to have pen and paper ready for taking notes. If you have any further questions feel free to reach our office at 281-292-8980 and we would be happy to assist you.
Dr. Kristie Chandler: https://doxy.me/drkchandler
Dr. Amanda Hathaway: https://doxy.me/drahathaway
Dr. Tony John: https://doxy.me/drtjohn
Dr. Sarah Moore: https://doxy.me/drsemoore
Dr. Mona Shihadeh Smith: https://doxy.me/drmonasmith